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Episode Forty Nine: Double Feature Movie Boys

June 19, 2017

What’s Good?

This week, Trip is being punished so he has to sit in the back of the class for being too cute! :3

We talk a lot because that's the kind of life we want to live, covering two episodes in one!


News Pt. 1

A Millionaire wants to fund a Re:ZERO anime adaptation of the Rem IF chapters.

My Girlfriend is a Faithful Virgin Bitch manga gets an anime adaptation.

Inferno Cop gets a season 2.

Attack on Titan Season 2 soundtrack on Spotify.

There will be a Kobayashi-San Dragon Maid special event on June 18th.

Indigo Ignited is a new anime collaboration between American and Japanese artists.




Azumanga Daioh- J.C. Staff (Toradora, Food Wars!, Golden Time)

Gate- A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online, Aldnoah.Zero, Anohana) 


News Pt. 2

Attack on Titan season 3 will come out in 2018.

Blame! Gets another movie and  Knights of Sidonia receives a third season.

Pluto anime is in the works.

Trailer for FLCL 2 at AX 2017.


Mamoru Hosoda


Digimon: The Movie (2000)


The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006)


Summer Wars (2009)


Wolf Children (2012)


The Boy and the Beast (2015)


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