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Episode Fifty: 2017 Spring Anime Wrap Up

June 26, 2017

What's Good?

Ramen boys do ramen things to wrap up the season of anime they didn't watch. Noodle stuff.


HIDIVE, a new anime streaming service, launched its beta version on Tuesday.

The final episode of the new Berserk anime ends with a “The Story Continues” message.

Food Wars !gets a new season this fall.

Viceland announces a late night anime block coming this July.

Studio Trigger will be announcing multiple new titles at anime expo this year.

Netflix E-mail states “all episodes” of Little Witch Academia will be released on June 30 th .

2017 Spring Wrap Up

Attack on Titan – Wit (Manga)

Boruto – Studio Pierrot (Manga)

Hinako Note – Passione (4-koma Manga)

My Hero Academia – Bones (Manga)

Akashic Records of a Bastard Magic Instuctor – LIDENFILMS (Light Novel)

Girl Beats Boy – Project No.9, A-Real (Visual Novel)

Sakura Quest – P.A. Works (Original)

Tsukigakirei – feel. (Original)

Sword Oratoria: Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side – J.C. Staff (Light


Grimoire of Zero – White Fox (Light Novel)

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul – MAPPA (Game)

The Royal Tutor – Bridge (manga)


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