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Episode Forty Two: Ghost in the Shell

April 4, 2017

What's Good?

Oh my god, it's so late. Everything is late. This episode is late. Woooow.



One Punch Man’s second season is in production.

Crunchyroll and Steam have partnered up so you can purchase seasons of anime on Steam.

Highschool of the Dead author, Daisuke Satou has passed away due to a heart disease at age 52.

Jordan Peele may direct the live action Akira film.

My Hero Academia season 2 has been confirmed for 25 episodes.

Attack on Titan season 2 will be a 12 episode season.

New Game Season 2 will be starting this summer.

Neregate closes down on April 13th.


Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell (1995)- Production I.G. (Haikyuu, Psycho-Pass, Attack on Titan)

Ghost in the Shell (2017)- Directed by Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman)

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